The History behind Cane Branch Baptist Church

The existence of Cane Branch Baptist church dates back to the nineteenth century. In 1868, a small log structure, which served as a school for nearby children, became the meeting place for pioneers of our congregation. This wooden building was located close to where our current sanctuary stands today. The Allsbrook community was sparsely populated when the church was established. It is estimated that the church originated under the guidance of only ten charter members which included Billie Boyd, Sam Todd, and John Tyler.

As time passed and attendance increased, early members sought the leadership of a pastor. According to church documents, a Baptist minister by the name of Scarborough accepted the position, thus becoming the first pastor of Cane Branch. A short time later, Scarborough and our church’s early descendants constructed a building to be used primarily for worship. Members worshiped on a sand floor and looked out of wooden windows. Not much else is known about this building, although it served as a gathering site for close to thirty years.

In 1898, land was donated by Louise Suggs to accommodate a new church and cemetery. This building was developed with a single room and glass windows and was used until 1934. At this time, additional land was donated by Louise’s son, Gasque and wife, Prettie Suggs. A new building was erected, made up of a large sanctuary and four classrooms. Twenty years later, due to dire need of repairs, members began planning construction for yet another church home.

Beginning in October 1954, following the wake of Hurricane Hazel, preparations began to construct our current building under the leadership of Rev. N.E. Tyler. Private donations paid for the materials and the members completed the labor. The ladies of the church prepared food and served the men working on our current building. On the first Sunday in June, 1958, services were held with C.R. Tyler as superintendent, Lennie Gerald as music director and Reverend G. Clyde Prince as pastor. The building was equipped with a spacious sanctuary and balcony. In addition, seventeen educational rooms were built.

Two decades later, a fellowship hall was constructed. A dedication service was held in 1980 to commemorate the new expansion. Members began work in the early twenty-first century on what is now called the Cane Branch Church’s Christian Life Center under the leadership of Rev. Alvin Jackson. The CLC debuted for worship activities with Rev. Jon Johnson late 2009. This new expansion consists of an activity area and a fellowship hall equipped with a furnished kitchen. In all, the structure measures nearly 7,000 square feet. As before, with our current church home, the construction was completed by the members of Cane Branch. Individuals from our congregation assembled on Thursday evenings to complete such tasks as painting, framing the interior and trim work. Just as before, the ladies of the church prepared meals for those working.

With a broad history spanning 140 years, Cane Branch Baptist Church continues to serve many Christian individuals and those in need from northern Horry County and beyond. We rejoice in the numerous improvements of our church’s heralded past and are excited about what our savior Jesus Christ has in store for us in the years to come.