Nursery   ( Ages Birth - 2 )


Through Sunday School, preschoolers have a number of opportunities to learn, play, and develop their God-given abilities while having their budding faith lovingly nurtured. We welcome you and your toddler to come and join the our family and our exciting ministry to children.

Room 101  



Your preschooler will enjoy fun activities throughout the year in other church programs that are targeted toward their age groups, such as Preschool Choirs and Mission Friends. These programs will give preschoolers the chance to see other children their age in a fun and educational setting of music and missions study.

Room 102  



We offer a number of classes for children of all ages and before the Sunday morning worship service at 10:00 am. We've found that joining a class really helps one to grow, so please find a class that fits you and come participate.

Class Name    Location       
Ages 4 to 6    Room 108  
1st to 3rd Grade    Room 109  
4th to 6th Grade    Room 203  



The Teenage Baptist Student Class is an exciting ministry for young people in the seventh through twelfth grades. We encourage teenagers to reach all the potential God has given them and to live their lives with faith in Christ and a genuine concern for others. We provide a positive peer group to support, encourage, and pray for each other.

Room 204  

Parenting / Young Adults


Christ-Followers commited to the glory and fame of the Ultimate One, Jesus!  We are disciple-makers comprised of collegians, seminarians, and professionals ranging from high school graduates, to early 20's to the later 30's.  As Christ-Followers we strive to live by the words of Jesus, "So then, you will know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:20).  Here at CBBC Young Adults it's all about worship, community, and Christ-centered discipleship.

Room 111  

Adults   ( Ages 40 - 54 )


Adults 40+ is an activities based ministry for people who are close to reaching the age of retirement and beyond. We have many opportunities for people to get involved with fellowships, trips and support groups.

Room 206  

Ladies   (Ages 55 - 64 )


This class is focused on the growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of His Word and through prayer. Class members believe that their walk with Jesus is strengthened by fellowship with other believers. Class members support and minister to each other not only on Sunday but each day during the week. They also help and support mission projects through out the year.

Room 104  

Senior Men  ( Ages 55+ )


The Men's ministry class seeks to provide the men of our church opportunities for fellowship, discipleship, small group accountability, and opportunities to minister to the body of Christ, by allowing guys to become the man God has designed them to be.

Room 106  

Senior Ladies  ( Ages 65+ )


Our primary focus in this class is to lead every woman to a vibrant and practical relationship with her Creator, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
No matter where you are in your "Lifetime" you have gifts, passions and abilities that can be used by God. As you move forward in your Lifetime, we pray that He will bless you with more of Himself, wonderful friends, and a personal ministry to others.

Room 105