The Christian Life Center


  Members began work in early twenty-first century on what is now called the Cane Branch Baptist Church's Christian Life Center under the leadership of Rev. Alvin Jackson. The CLC was projected for debut for worship activities with Rev. Jon Johnson in late two thousand and eight. This new expansion consists of an activity area and fellowship hall equipped with a furnished kitchen.


  In all, the structure measures nearly 7,000 square feet. As before, with our current home, the construction was competed by the members of Cane Branch. Individuals from our congregation assemble on Thursday evenings to complete tasks such as painting, framing the interior and trim work. Just as before, the ladies of the church were there preparing meals for those working.


  With a broad history spanning 140 years, Cane Branch Baptist Church continues to serve many Christian individuals from northern Horry County and beyond. We rejoice in the numerous improvements of our church's jeralded past and are excited about what our savior Jesus Christ has in store for us in the years to come.